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With our own state of out manufacturing factory,  we specialize in offering best in class international products using the latest technologies & highest quality standards directly to the consumers (you).



Each ingredient is put through regions testing measures to ensure maximum quality assurance & potency.

Dope Free Ingredients

No Artificial Color

Manufactured in a GMP Certified Laboratory

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FSSAI Approved


Aminoz is a leading consumer friendly sports nutrition brand for all the sports and fitness enthusiast. The level of fitness required for success in sports makes right nutrition a vital element of physical preparation. Whether you are a seasoned champion who gives all it takes to attain and maintain the body of a Champion or a fitness enthusiast or an occasional gym-goer, Aminoz caters to the needs of all. You need to bulk up, enhance workout performance, improve recovery, shed unwanted body fat, or increase endurance, at Aminoz we have a great range of products to help you accomplish your goals and take your training regime to a new height. At the heart of Aminoz are the 4 main principles: Genuine Quality, Taste, Value for Money and Results. All Aminoz products are designed and developed around these main 4 principles. At Aminoz we have more than a decade’s experience in developing world-class sports nutrition formulations. We have been able to accomplish and become a benchmark product in sports nutrition field because of our dedicated and knowledgeable R &D team that works closely with professional athletes to understand their needs and bring out the best tailor-made sports nutrition supplements at Aminoz. We source our ingredients from the world’s leaders in the field of nutrition to provide you the products as good as gold.