AMINOZ Creatine Xtreme is well known for enhancing strength, anaerobic endurance and muscle mass. It helps in synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a key fuel for muscle contraction. The more ATP muscle has, the more energy they have to contract, which releases more power to sustain high- intensity workout.

AMINOZ Creatine Xtreme supplementation enhance high-intensity exercise performance by allowing high rates of adenosine triphosphate re-synthesis to occur in muscle and therefore plays a vital role in the performance of high-intensity exercise of bodybuilders.

AMINOZ Creatine Xtreme is a pure Creapure, Germany product which is carefully made for sports that require speed, such as sprinting, long jump, swimming, kayaking/rowing, and for intensive strength training by bodybuilders and cyclists, creatine supplementation can greatly improve performance in the areas of maximum strength and endurance (5-15%), with interval training in the maximum range (5-20%), with power production in short sprints (approx. 30%,) and in training with repetitive sprints (5-15%).

Usage :Take one scoop (Approx 5g) with caffeine-free drinks, such as water, fruit juice, or warm (improves solubility) tea. Do not exceed recommended dose. Make sure that you take sufficient fluid with the creatine (rule of thumb: 1 g creatine/100 ml fluid). Drink should be prepared fresh and consumed that same day, as creatine does not remain stable in fluids for long periods. 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FSSAI. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Q1. Is Aminoz Creatine Xtreme a Steroid?
Ans. Aminoz Creatine Xtreme is not a Steroid. It’s a natural amino acid that helps in providing energy to our muscles during workouts and intense physical activity. It helps in muscle contraction by fuelling them with ATP ( the energy molecule) and increases cell volume.It consists of high-quality Creatine Monohydrate which absorbs easily into your body to give a continuous supply of energy to your muscles thereby increasing maximal strength and endurance during your intense workout sessions.

Q2. Is Aminoz Creatine Xtreme safe? Are there any side effects of using this product?
Ans. Yes, Aminoz Creatine Xtreme is safe to consume and does not cause any side effects.

Q3. I am a professional Athlete, and I am subject to drug testing, Can I take Aminoz Creatine Xtreme?
Ans. Yes, Aminoz Creatine Xtreme is a DOPE free product. All the Products Range in this series: This helpful supplement is formulated by our experts from the high-quality and certified ingredients.

Q4. Can I take the Aminoz Creatine Xtreme on the days that I don’t train?
Ans. Yes, You can take Aminoz Creatine Xtreme even on the days you don’t train. You should take this supplement consistently, to get maximum effectiveness even on the days you don’t work out. On the days you don’t train, take your serving of Aminoz Creatine Xtreme as soon as you get up in the morning on the empty stomach.

Q5. What is the best time to take Aminoz Creatine Xtreme?
Ans. For reference, see the directions for use.